Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is quite essential for most of the businesses and it mostly takes place where competition is extremely high and when there is not expected traffic on your website. This is one of the proven practices by which traffic gets converted easily into business inquires, business leads and sales and these are the primary objectives for all the businesses.

The major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc offers advertisement programs to businesses, which then other website owners allow them to show these ads on their web properties. Among all the Google Adwords advertising platform is at the top as it’s highly powerful, diverse, and security for which everyone is concerned about. With Google Adwords platform one can efficitently and instantly reach to their targeted audience.

The advertisement campaigns are run through Pay-Per-Click & Cost-Per-Click models which varies as per targeted keywords competition. With this program, the advertisers would be only charged if his advertisement is clicked by users on the other websites where it is being shown. Campaigns can be customised regionally i.e you can target the local, regional, national and international audiences as per the business need.

Candid Technologies offers Search Engine Marketing as it’s one of key Digital Marketing services. We are experienced in building and managing Google Adwords campaigns for variety of industries across the world. We are into process with Google Adwords Certified Partner programme and aiming to be a part of it soon.

While building and managing Google Adwords campaigns, we keep your objective as our primary concern and ensure that you get maximum conversions & high return-on-investment. We focus on getting your advertisement reach to your targeted and potential audience and bring them on to your website so that you get the maximum out of it.

We plan search engine marketing campaigns by keeping your business objectives in mind and put our best efforts for your Monetizing with:
-Highest Conversions
-Best Click through Rate ( CTR)
-Low Cost Per Click
-Low Bounce Rate

Our team of experienced & certified experts starts with your website audit, do a thourough Keyword research, review competition and then campaigning with the right one is our key of success. In turn, you get quantitative results with proper communication and timely reporting.

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